E’ disponibile la versione 3.0 di Storyboarder, un programma software gratuito e open-source ideato espressamente per disegnare tavole illustrate.


Novità introdotte

Built-in support for American English, Russian, and Chinese (Simplified). Use the Language Editor to add your own! Share language files with friends! Invent a new language! Translate Storyboarder into your own secret twin language!

Slap some personality on those faces with custom emotions you draw yourself! (And we really mean it, you have to draw them yourself. We ran out of time to add more examples).

Are your Characters due for a new ‘do? Hoist luscious locks upon their heads using custom hair attachments, now in a fancy new tab! Please make and share further hair!

Runs on Apple Silicon (for your fancy new Mac you lucky duck)
It’s still an Intel app, but it should run without issue now with Rosetta 2.

Better UI Scaling Options

Insert Images via Drag & Drop or Paste in Shot Generator

Storyboarder used to run a VR server on your local computer, but it didn’t use secure HTTPS, and that stopped working in all the VR-capable browsers. So, now Shot Generator VR routes connections through, a server operated by Wonder Unit. You can share the link with friends, and they can browse your scenes in VR, hosted by your computer, in multi-user mode. does not store or have access to any of your data other than the basics it needs to setup connections between computers — once you’ve connected to peers, your Shot Generator scenes, models, and images are transferred peer-to-peer. But keep in mind that anyone with the correct link can download Shot Generator files from your computer while VR is running.


  • Shot Generator: Insert Image via Drag/Drop or Paste #2143
  • Storyboarder: Localization #2099
  • Storyboarder: zh-CN Localization #2125
  • Shot Generator: Remember Window Size #2112
  • Shot Generator: Scale UI Automatically on Window Resize #2115
  • IK support for custom characters that have the same set of bones as built-in characters. #2044
  • Shot Generator: Character Rotation Gizmo, Add Rotation Podium #2098
  • VR now uses where multiple users can connect #2129


  • Scale UI Save/Restore #2113
  • Scale UI Min/Max Based on Screen Resolution #2114
  • Shot Generator never-ending camera movement bug #2150
  • Better lock to prevent overwrite in multi-user VR #2152
  • VR Pose Capture bug fix #2172
  • Storyboarder: Video Export #2107


Potete scaricare il programma direttamente dal sito del produttore:

oppure seguendo questo link.


Video tutorial

Shot Generator Videos

File di esempio

Per segnalare eventuali problemi o bachi del software

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