NATRON Community Plugins


Ecco a voi una raccolta di plugin creati dalla comunità (in continua evoluzione) per il programma di compositing nodale open-source Natron che potete scaricare direttamente dal repository online su GitHub.


  •  lp_Tweaky : Brings a variety of little tweaking-options, like a Vibrance, WB-Slider, Tint, etc


  •  LightWrap_Simple : An alternative to built-in LightWrap plugin, simpler to use, also it as an option to dilate wrap to get a bigger effect
  •  FrameStamp : a very simple stamp that show the current frame in the corner of the image
  •  Vignette : Darken the Edge of the image to mimic camera vignetting


  •  ReShade : GPU Relighting of 3D renders using a Normal pass
  •  ReFlect : take a Normal pass and an image and output a fake reflection pass .
  •  SSAO : Generate ScreenSpace Ambiant Occlusion from a Z pass
  •  Z2Normal : Z to Normal, create a Normal pass from any grascale image to be used with ReShade PyPlug


  •  lp_CleanScreen : Evens out your Chroma-Screen with the help of a Cleanplate.
  •  lp_Despill : An alternative to built-in Despill node that is quick and easy to setup.
  •  lp_HairKey : A keyless Keyer for fine detail like hair which is hard to come by with a matte.
  •  lp_SimpleKeyer : A very simple Keyer for a wide variety of operations. Inspired by Nukes Keyer-Node


  •  Chromatic Aberration : a Chromatic Aberration filter similar to Blender’s one
  •  ChromaticAberrationPP : a Chromatic Aberration filter with lot’s of options to fine tune. It supports both axial and lateral chromatic aberration which can be adjusted separately. While the Plugin above is more artistically, this one should work fine for matching already existing chromatic abberations in your images.
  •  Defocus : Add a bokeh blur to the image
  •  EdgeBlur : Blur the image according to the edges of an Alpha mask
  •  lp_ColourSmear : Smears the colors around a given Alpha
  •  lp_Despot : Despots for black or white pixels
  •  lp_FakeDefocus : A very faky Defocus. Very faky. Not very good. Might work for tiny things.
  •  PM_VectorBlur : Blur the image according to a vector/motion pass. Very simple implementation so it may not work in all cases.


  •  ZCombine : Merge two images according to their Zpass


  •  Shaker : Add a shaking effect to the input image


Come installare i plugin

Semplicemente scaricate i file e copiateli nella cartella pyplug/plugin. Qui potete reperire ulteriori informazioni :

Un programma per l’installazione dei plugin è in corso di sviluppo.


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