E’ stata rilasciata la versione 2.2 di Natron il programma di compositing nodale open source creato presso INRIA, l’Istituto nazionale per la ricerca nell’informatica e nell’automazione, una istituzione pubblica Francese.

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Questi sono i problemi risolti e le migliorie apportate al programma:


  • OpenGL rendering is enabled by default for interactive editing in plugins that support it (but still disabled for background rendering)
  • Roto & RotoPaint: ellipses and circles are more accurate #1524
  • When a plugin is not available with the right major version, use the smallest major version above for better compatibility (before that change, the highest major version was returned)
  • Natron can now be launched in 32-bits mode on macOS
  • Documentation is now licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0, and external contributions are welcome
  • Organize nodes documentation
  • New project formats: HD_720, UHD_4K, 2K_DCP, 4K_DCP



  • The plugins that were made available as beta features in the 2.1 releases are now considered stable:
    • DenoiseSharpen: new wavelet-based denoising plugin
    • EdgeBlur: Blur the image where there are edges in the alpha/matte channel.
    • EdgeDetect: Perform edge detection by computing the image gradient magnitude.
    • EdgeExtend: Fill a matte (i.e. a non-opaque color image with an alpha channel) by extending the edges of the matte.
    • ErodeBlur: Erode or dilate a mask by smoothing.
    • HueCorrect: Apply hue-dependent color adjustments using lookup curves.
    • HueKeyer: Compute a key depending on hue value.
    • KeyMix: Copies A to B only where Mask is non-zero.
    • Log2Lin: Convert from/to the logarithmic space used by Cineon files.
    • PIK: A per-pixel color difference keyer that uses a mix operation instead of a max operation to combine the non-backing screen channels.
    • PIKColor: Generate a clean plate from each frame for keying with PIK.
    • PLogLin: Convert between linear and log representations using the Josh Pines log conversion.
    • Quantize: Reduce the number of color levels with posterization or dithering
    • SeExprSimple: new simple expression plugin with one expression per channel
    • Sharpen & Soften: new plugins.
    • SlitScan: Per-pixel retiming.
  • SeNoise: fix bugs in the Transform parameters #1527
  • PIKColor: do not expand region of definition
  • Shadertoy: support iDate, add presets, fix CPU rendering #1526
  • Transform & CornerPin: additional “Amount” parameter to control the amount of transform to apply.
  • ColorLookup: fix a bug where output was always clamped to (0,1) #1533
  • Grade: fix a bug where negative values were clamped even when gamma=1 #1533
  • STMap, IDistort, LensDistortion, Transform, CornerPin: reduce supersampling to avoid artifacts
  • LensDistortion: add STMap output mode, add undistort output, add PFBarrel and 3DEqualizer distortions model, add proper region of definition support.
  • RotoMerge: a merge plugin that takes an external mask as the alpha for the A input.
  • WriteFFmpeg: DNxHD codec now supports DNxHR HQ, DNxHR SQ and DNxHR LB profiles.


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