LuxCoreRender 2.2 Beta 1

E’ stata rilasciata la versione Beta 1 di LuxCoreRender 2.2 e di  BlendLuxCore, l’add-on per Blender 3D. Questa release include nuove funzionalità e corregge alcuni bachi del software.


New Features

  • Saving/resuming the rendering now includes all PhotonGI cache information and entries
  • Added the support for new shape “group”
  • Added the support for nested groups to LXS parser
  • Added the support for persistent PhotonGI cache on file
  • Added the support for using persistent PhotonGI cache across multiple frames for fly-through animations
  • DLSC now automatically estimated the best radius if lightstrategy.entry.radius is set to 0.0
  • New improved Random/Sobol sampler adaptive code
  • LXS parser now supports halttime and haltspp film halt conditions
  • LXS parser now supports volumes
  • Shadow catcher is now easier to use with multiple light sources of any type


Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a crash when using negative material emission values (issue #177)
  • Fixed LXS parsing in pyluxcoretools
  • Fixed a problem when mixing transparent and solid materials with Mix (issue #183)
  • Fix a bug when using glossy coating with any specular material
  • Fixed LXS parsing of point light source position
  • Fixed object ID not being saved by FILESAVER engine
  • Fixed a major bug in carpaint material (issue #186)
  • Fixed spelling mistake in cloth material “wool gabardine” preset
  • Fixed Scene::RemoveUnusedMeshes()
  • Fixed a bug in Mix material when working with specular materials (issue #187)
  • Fixed an overflow problem when using an heterogenous volume on very large segments
  • Sun relative size has now a lower bound of 1.0 to avoid numerical precision problems
  • Fixed a problem with Scene::ToProperties() after editing a scene
  • Fixed a self-shadow problem with area light sources


Blender Addon

New Features since v2.2alpha1

  • Add a Vector Math node
  • User can now set a custom object ID
  • User can now choose a custom viewport color for materials (used in the OpenGL viewport, optional)
  • make volume socket export of material output more generic. This means users can now directly plug volumes into the interior/exterior volume sockets, without the need for a pointer node.
  • expose volume nodes in material node tree add menu
  • add new “colored glass” node preset with inlined volume for simple glasses with volumetric absorption
  • add a filter to the pointer node selection menu (so the user can list only materials, only volumes etc.)
  • Expose uvmapping3d (available in the 3D mapping node, can be used to map procedural 3D textures with a UV mapping)
  • add a debug option to print config and scene properties (in hidden debug menu, search for “Toggle LuxCore Debug Options” in Blender’s operator search)
  • expose storage property of background image to allow higher precision if necessary
  • show button to select problematic object in error log
  • implement a workaround to have “delete and reconnect” functionality in the node editor
  • add support for improved adaptive sampling, as well as the new NOISE AOV
  • add support for automatic radius estimation of DLSC
  • add shadow catcher option to only consider shadows from infinite lights (sky, HDRI, flat background color)

File di LuxCoreRender:


LuxCoreRender 2.2 Beta 1 Release Notes:

BlendLuxCore Add-on:

Versione standalone di LuxCoreRender:


Istruzioni per l’installazione e l’aggiornamento:


Nota: Questa versione per Windows è stata compilata con VisualStudio 2017. Potrebbe essere necessario installare le librerie runtime di VS2017:


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