LuxCoreRender 2.3 Beta 2

E’ stata rilasciata la seconda versione Beta di LuxCoreRender 2.3 e di  BlendLuxCore, l’add-on per Blender 3D. Questa release include nuove funzionalità e la correzione di alcuni bachi del software. Basato su algoritmi all’avanguardia, LuxCoreRender simula il flusso di luce in base alle equazioni della fisica, producendo così immagini realistiche di qualità fotografica.


New Features since v.2.3Beta1

  • Improved light map sampling in BAKECPU
  • Added the support for transparencies and shadowcatcher to BAKECPU
  • Fixed and optimized the execution on CPU with high thread count (24+)

Fixex Bugs since v.2.3Beta1

  • BAKECPU now correctly includes the dot product of shading normal and light direction in light maps
  • Fixed the generation of material/object/volume default random ID (issue #296)
  • Fixed bump mapping when using a transformation with negative scale on Z (issue #300)


BlendLuxCore add-on

New Features since v2.3beta1

  • BlendLuxCore can now read some basic Cycles world and light settings. For more info see
  • Added option to normalize distant light (enabled by default)
  • Objects that are completely invisible in Cycles (via ray visibility flags) are not exported by LuxCore anymore
  • Allow to set light tracing partition even with OpenCL engine (so it’s possible to use the CPU not only for light tracing)
  • Added a button that allows to create a light object from an HDRI world (for free transformation)

Fixed Bugs since v2.3beta1

  • Fixed view layer override material not working
  • Fixed instancer sometimes visible in final render despite disabled visibility
  • Fixed packed image temp files not being closed before removal

Modifiche che interrompono la retrocompatibilità

Le scene create con la versione 2.2 devono essere aggiornate manualmente nelle aree sotto elencate per mantenere lo stesso look nella versione 2.3:

  • The ImagePipeline tonemapper default settings were changed: auto brightness is now disabled by default (was enabled), gain is now 1.0 by default (was 0.5)
  • Lights now have two modes for choosing the brightness: “artistic” and “power”. Default is now “artistic”. This means that the light settings of old scenes have to be changed manually to make them look identical to v2.2.
  • It is now no longer possible to tint the sun and the sky color
  • Sun lights in “distant” mode are now normalized by default. To make old scenes appear the same, disable the “Normalize” option in the light settings
  • Camera clipping is now enabled by default. When loading old scenes, you’ll have to disable it to get the same behaviour (although the difference is probably not visible in most scenes)
  • The blackbody texture is now normalized by default. For scenes created in older versions, disable the normalize option to get the same result
  • The distant light is now normalized by default. For scenes created in older versions, disable the normalize option to get the same result

Versioni di Blender supportate

Blender 2.79 è supportato da BlendLuxCore v2.0, v2.1 e v2.2.
Blender 2.80, 2.81 e 2.82 sono supportati da BlendLuxCore v2.2 e 2.3.




LuxCoreRender 2.3 Release Notes:

BlendLuxCore Add-on (v.2.79b e v.2.80):

Versione standalone di LuxCoreRender:


Istruzioni per l’installazione e l’aggiornamento:


Nota: Questa versione per Windows è stata compilata con VisualStudio 2017. Potrebbe essere necessario installare le librerie runtime di VS2017:

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