LuxCoreRender 2.2 Beta 2

E’ stata rilasciata la versione Beta 2 di LuxCoreRender 2.2 e di  BlendLuxCore, l’add-on per Blender 3D. Questa release include nuove funzionalità e corregge alcuni bachi del software.



New Features since v2.2beta1

  • Added the support for tiled denoising to save a huge amount of ram
  • Added the support for new visual map cache for infinitelight, constantinfinite and sky2 light sources
  • Added the support for new Disney BRDF material from Siggraph 2012 paper
  • Upgraded Intel Oidn to v0.9.0
  • Metal material uses a more accurate Albedo value (for Intel OIDN)
  • Added “rounding” texture
  • Added “modulo” texture
  • Improved tiling feature of OIDN imagepipeline plugin
  • Fix a bug in ToProperties code of “blender blend” texture when “halo” progression type was used


Fixed Bugs since v2.2beta1

  • Fix ToProperties() of mapspherelight and spherelight
  • Fixed a problem with caustic cache size when both PhotonGI caches were enabled and automatic stop condition for indirect cache was used
  • PhotonGI Metropolis will now focus on caustic cache when indirect is done (and vice versa)
  • Fixed the access to an uninitialized variable when using PhotonGI caustic cache alone
  • Fixed the access to an uninitialized variable in ProjectionLight::Preprocess()
  • Fixed a crash when trying to render a scene without light sources with PATHOCL (issue #202)
  • Fixed DLSC to work with Front and back material transparency (aka light invisible object)
  • Fixed a problem in BIDIRCPU with camera PDF
  • Fixed a bug in Mix material transparency support (issue #210)
  • Added a workaround to an AMD OpenCL compiler bug in DirectLight_BSDFSampling()


Blender Addon

New Features since v2.2beta1

  • new texture nodes: split RGB/combine RGB
  • exposed new visibility map cache (“automatic portals”)
  • disable most imagepipeline plugins in viewport when viewport denoising is enabled, to avoid artifacts
  • new material: Disney (aka principled shader)
  • New math textures:
    – Rounding
    – Modulo (fmod)
  • add support for tiled OIDN denoising to reduce RAM usage


Fixed Bugs since v2.2beta1

  • fix some bugs in the node editor


File di LuxCoreRender:


LuxCoreRender 2.2 Beta 2 Release Notes:

BlendLuxCore Add-on:

Versione standalone di LuxCoreRender:


Istruzioni per l’installazione e l’aggiornamento:


Nota: Questa versione per Windows è stata compilata con VisualStudio 2017. Potrebbe essere necessario installare le librerie runtime di VS2017:


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