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Quello che segue è un elenco di risorse su e per Blender, la computer grafica e l’animazione 3D.

Sebbene trattasi di un elenco non esaustivo, né tanto meno esauriente, confido che potrà risultare utile ai membri di questa comunità.



3-D Human Modeling and Animation, by Peter Ratner

Blender, la guida definitiva, by Andrea Coppola (5 volumi)

Blender 3D: Characters, Machines, and Scenes for Artists [eBook], by Enrico Valenza et al

Blender 3D: Designing Objects [eBook], by Romain Caudron, Pierre-Armand Nicq, Enrico Valenza

Blender 3D by Example [eBook], by Romain Caudron, Pierre-Armand Nicq (2a edizione)

Blender 3D Printing Essentials [eBook], by Gordon Fisher

Blender Cycles: Materials and Textures Cookbook, 3^ edizione by Enrico Valenza

Blender Cycles: Lighting and Rendering Cookbook, by Bernardo Iraci

Blender Compositing and Post Processing, by Mythravarun Vepakomma

Blender For Animation and Film-Based Production, by Michelangelo Manrique

Blender Master Class, by Ben Simonds, No Starch Press

Blender Production: Creating Short Animations from Start to Finish, by Roland Hess

Blender Studio Projects: Digital Movie-Making, by Tony Mullen, Claudio Andaur

Character Development in Blender 2.5, by Jonathan Williamson

Character Animation: 2D Skills for Better 3D, by Steve Roberts

Cinematic Storytelling: The 100 Most Powerful Film Conventions Every Filmmaker Must Know, by Jennifer Van Sijll

Color Correction Handbook: Professional Techniques for Video and Cinema, by Alexis Van Hurkman

Color Correction Look Book: Creative Grading Techniques for Film and Video, by Alexis Van Hurkman

Core Blender Development: Understanding the Essential Source Code, by Brad E. Hollister (NEW)

Developing Digital Short Films (Choices That Matter), by Sherri Sheridan

Digital Compositing for Film and Video, by Steve Wright

Digital Lighting and Rendering (3^ edizione), by Jeremy Birn

[digital] Visual Effects and Compositing, by Jon Grass

Directing the Story: Professional Storytelling and Storyboarding Techniques for Live Action and Animation, by Francis Glebas

Drawn to Life: 20 Golden Years of Disney Master Classes: The Walt Stanchfield Lectures – Volumes 1 and 2

Facial Expressions: A Visual Reference for Artists, by Mark Simon

Film Directing Shot by Shot: Visualizing from Concept to Screen, by Steven D. Katz

GIMP 2.6 for Photographers: Image Editing with Open Sorce Software, by Klaus Goelker

Grafica 3D con Blender, by Francesco Siddi

Ideas for the Animated Short: Finding and Building Stories, 2nd Edition, by Karen Sullivan, et al

Implementing a Digital Asset Management System: For Animation, Computer Games, and Web Development, by Jens Jacobsen

Inspired 3d Short Film Production, by Jeremy Cantor

Introducing Character Animation with Blender 2.5, by Tony Mullen

La luce nell’arte. Come usarla nelle diverse arti visive, by Richard Yot

Lighting for Animation: The Art of Visual Storytelling, by Jasmine Katatikarn e Michael Tanzillo

Master Shots Vol 1, 2nd Edition: 100 Advanced Camera Techniques to Get an Expensive Look on Your Low-Budget Movie, by Christopher Kenworthy

Master Shots Vol 2: 100 Ways to Shot Great Dialogue Scenes, by Christopher Kenworthy

Master Shots Vol 3, The Director’s Vision: 100 Setups, Scenes and Moves for Your Breakthrough Movie, by Christopher Kenworthy

Mastering Celtx, by Terry Borst

(The) PBR Guide: A Handbook for Physically Based Rendering (Inglese) by Wes McDermott

Perspective for Interior Designers, by John F. Pile

Physically Based Rendering – From Theory to Implementation, by Matt Pharr, Wenzel Jakob, Greg Humphreys

Physically Based Rendering – From Theory to Implementation 4^edizione, by Matt Pharr, Wenzel Jakob, Greg Humphreys [versione eBook gratuita]

Setting the Scene, by Fraser MacLean

Setting Up your Scenes: The Inner Workings of Great Films, by Richard Pepperman

Setting Up Your Shots: Great Camera Moves Every Filmmaker Should Know, by Jeremy Vineyard

Texturing and Modeling: A Procedural Approach, by David S. Ebert, et al

Timing for Animation, by Harold Whittaker, et al

The Art and Technique of Digital Color Correction, by Steve Hullfish

The Art of Storyboard – Third Edition: A filmmaker’s introduction, by John Art

The Animator’s Survival Kit, by Richard E. Williams

The Book of Inkscape: The Definitive Guide to the Free Graphics Editor, by Dmitry Kirsanov

The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation, by Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston

The Storyboard Design Course: The Ultimate Guide for Artists, Directors, Producers and Scriptwriters, by Giuseppe Cristiano

The Wow Factor – Create a jaw dropping effects in Blender, by Andrew Price

Tradigital Blender: A CG Animator’s Guide to Applying the Classic Principles of Animation, by Roland Hess

Walt Disney Animation Studios – The Archive Series: Design, by Disney Editions



DVD Training 9: Track, Match, Blend!, by Sebastian Koenig, Blender Open Movie Workshop, Blender Foundation

DVD Training 8: Humane Rigging, by Nathan Vegdahl, Blender Open Movie Workshop, Blender Foundation

DVD Training 7: Blend & Paint, by David Revoy, Blender Open Movie Workshop, Blender Foundation

DVD Training 6: Blenderella – Character Modeling in Blender 2.5, by Angela Guenette, Blender Open Movie Workshop, Blender Foundation

DVD Training 5: Chaos & Evolution, by David Revoy, Blender Open Movie Workshop, Blender Foundation

DVD Training 4: Venom’s Lab!, by Pablo Vasquez, Blender Open Movie Workshop, Blender Foundation

Elephants Dream, Blender Open Movie Project, Blender Foundation

Big Buck Bunny, Blender Open Movie Project, Blender Foundation (original, old)

Sintel, Blender Open Movie Project, Blender Foundation (original, old)

Tears of Steel, Blender Open Movie Project, Blender Foundation

Cosmos Laundromat, Blender Open Movie Project, Blender Foundation

Caminandes: Grand Dillama, Blender Open Movie Project, Blender Foundation

Caminandes: Llamigos, Blender Open Movie Project, Blender Foundation

Character Animation Toolkit, by Beorn Leonard and Nathan Vegdahl, CG Cookie

Ninja Character Creation: Volumes I, II and III, by Lee Salvemini, CGMasters (Esaurito)




Blender 2.8 – Corso di base, by Francesco Andresciani

Blender 2.8-2.9 per tutti, by Andrea Coppola (UDEMY)

Color for Digital Artists webinar, by Steve Wright

Blender 2.8-2.9 Encyclopedia, by Lee Salvemini (UDEMY)

Creating 3D Environments in Blender, by Rob Tuytel (UDEMY)

Making and Animated Short Film with Blender, by Markom Matosevic (UDEMY)

Mastering Drivers in Blender 3D, by Gustav Nillson (UDEMY) (2.79)

Realistic 3D House Design in Blender, by Thomas Mc Donald (UDEMY)

Realistic Lighting in Blender, by Gleb Alexandrov

Scene Creation with Blender and Substance Painter, by Darrin Lile (UDEMY)

Space VFX Elements, by Aidy Burrows and Gleb Alexandrov (2.79)

Hard Surface Modeling In Blender by Aidy Burrows & Gleb Alexandrov

Cinematic Lighting in Blender by Gleb Alexandrov

3D Cars: Inside and Out by Chris Plush



TEXTURES (ex CC0 Textures)




[$] Programma commerciale a pagamento



Appleseed (open source) (
LuxCoreRender (open source) (
YafaRay (open source) (
Kerkythea (freeware) (
*RenderMan Non-Commercial ( (per Blender 2.92)
V-Ray [$] ( – V-Ray for Blender (
Unreal Engine 4 ( – Quixel’s Bridge per Megascan e Metahuman in Blender (
Radeon ProRender for Blender (
Corona Renderer ( (



Armorpaint (

ArmorLab ( (AI-Powered Texture Authoring)

Adobe Substance 3D [$] (

Knald [$] (

Mari [$] (

Materialize (

PixPlant [$] (

Quixel Mixer (

ShaderMap [$] (




Hugin (HDR Photo Stitching) (
Luminance HDR (



Photoshop [$] (
Krita (
Photoline [$] (
Inkscape (
MyPaint (
Paint.NET (
Affinity Photo (

Alchemy ( (programma per il disegno creativo ed ispirazione)
Webchemy (basato su Alchemy) (

Darktable (tavola luminosa virtuale per analisi foto) (



Cloud Compare (confronta due o più nuvole di punti tra loro) (
InstantMeshes (ritopologizza una mesh) (
MeshLab (una moltitudine di strumenti per l’elaborazione di modelli e nuvole di punti) (
Meshroom (ricostruzione modello 3D da fotografie) (
Regard3D (ricostruzione modello 3D da fotografie) (



Storyboarder ( ( (programma per la stesura di una storyboard)
Celtx ( (pre-produzione sceneggiatura, pianificazione e collaborazione)
Casuality Story Sequencer [$] ( (un approccio visuale alla stesura di sceneggiature)



Flamenco (
DrQueue (
Pandora (
Crowdrender (



Avidemux (
OpenShot (
VirtualDUB (
Natron (
DaVinci Resolve [$] (
Nuke [$] (



PureRef (


Pipelines for animation and VFX projects


TACTIC Open Source Platform (



IA GENERATIVA – Applicazioni

Blender add-on

AI Render (

Dream Textures (


Interfacce Web per esecuzione locale su PC

InvokeAI ( (Documentazione)

Stable Diffusion Web UI (

Easy Diffusion (

SD.Next (

ComfyUI  (

Stable Swarm UI  (

Stability Matrix  (

Fooocus (

Stable Diffusion Web UI Forge (

Pinokio (



Hugging Face (sito ricco di risorse per l’IA, modelli, set di dati ecc.) (

Civitai (Modelli, Incorporamenti, Iperreti ed altro per Stable Diffusion) ( (Motore di ricerca di immagini generate tramite Stable Diffusion, una fonte di ispirazione per la creazione di prompt) (



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