Flamenco Manager 2.2.1

E’ stata rilasciata la versione 2.2.1 di Flamenco Manager con nuove funzionalità che richiedono l’aggiornamento di Flamenco Server alla versione 2.1 o superiore.

Queste ed altre novità potrete leggerle nell’articolo originale mentre qui potete scaricare Flamenco Manager e Worker. Ricordo a tutti che per ora è necessario essere dotati di un account su Blender Cloud per poter utilizzare Flamenco.

Flamenco è la soluzione open source sviluppata presso il Blender Animation Studio per gestire il rendering distribuito.



  • Send the set of task types supported by our workers to Flamenco Server. This will allow it to tailor some variable jobs to our capabilities.
  • Include upstream queue size on dashboard. This can aid debugging networking/performance issues.
  • Allow Workers to return tasks to the queue for re-executing later.
  • Store log entries in local files on the Manager, instead of sending all of them to the Server. The log files are stored in a directory per job, and a file per task. When a task is restarted, its log file is rotated ({task-id}.log becomes {task-id}.log.1). There is no automatic cleanup of log files implemented; this can be handled by a system daemon or by manual deletion. Log files can be accessed at http://your-manager/logfile/{job-id}/{task-id}. Requires Flamenco Server version 2.1 or newer.

Problemi risolti

  • Accept log entries for tasks that are no longer runnable. In this case the task’s status and activity doesn’t change, but the logs are still accepted & forwarded to Flamenco Server. This helps to figure out why a task failed, even when the logs are lagging behind.

Per ulteriori informazioni consultate il Flamenco Manager changelog

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