KRITA 4.4.1

E’ stata rilasciata la versione 4.4.1 di Krita che corregge alcuni bachi riscontrati nella precedente versione 4.4.0.


  • Android and ChromeOS:
    • Use SDK version 29, which means Krita doesn’t need permissions to run anymore and can access external files more easily. Krita is also updated to use NDK 20 or better
    • Fix the color picker (BUG:423254)
    • Fix problems with events reaching the canvas if a popup message was shown
    • Use the device’s locale, so the translations can be used (BUG:427692)
    • Fix copy and paste on Android (BUG:423199)
  • Fix a crash when loading a file with a pattern fill layer (BUG:427866)
  • Fix loading masks with vector selections (BUG:428332)
  • Fix a crash in the text tool when opening the editor by double-clicking the text (BUG:427858)
  • Fix a crash when using the move tool on a pixel selection (BUG:428260)


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